Product Liability

Harmed by defective products?

Consumers are entitled to trust that the products they use each day are safe. But this is not always the case. Because of lax federal regulations, many products pass government standards that legally should not.

Automobile brakes malfunction, tires blow out and airbags inflate at the wrong time. Cleaning fluids, electrical appliances and other household products may cause illness and injury due to incorrect labeling or manufacturing defects. Liston/Lancaster PLLC is here to help.

Product liability law

Under the Mississippi Product Liability Act, a product may be deemed dangerous for the following reasons:

•Defective design
•Defective manufacture
•Failure to warn

The act also imposes other burdens of proof on the injured, which requires the attention of a skilled product liability lawyer.

If you or a family member has been injured by a defective product, you need an attorney who has:

•Experience in various fields of product liability law
•Access to the right experts

Why choose us?

Liston/Lancaster PLLC product liability attorneys have had more than 50 years of experience. Our lawyers have been involved in actions with products ranging from automobiles, ladders and forklifts to water heaters and even pharmaceuticals.

At Liston/Lancaster PLLC we have a wealth of experience, adequate resources to fund the expenses involved in product liability litigation, and access to top-notch experts, should your case require expert testimony on your behalf.

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For experienced, effective legal representation, please contact us online at Liston/Lancaster PLLC. We will be happy to evaluate your case in a free initial consultation.

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