Commercial and Consumer Fraud

In today's economy, where goods and services are sold to thousands of consumers on a mass marketing basis, fraud is unfortunately too common. The consumer protection lawyers at Liston/Lancaster PLLC have a long and successful track record in handling cases based on commercial and consumer fraud. We are skilled and experienced in litigating cases in both trial courts and courts of appeal.

Types of Commercial and Consumer Fraud Cases

Mississippi consumers have the legal right to have truthful information presented to them about the products and services that they wish to purchase. To protect this right, state and federal laws regulate advertisements, including any false, misleading or deceptive claims from businesses about the quality, price or purpose of any products or services.

Essentially, fraud is a material misrepresentation upon which a buyer relies to his detriment and which causes injury. Examples of fraud may be found in false representations made about the coverage afforded by an insurance policy or even in statements made by an automobile dealer concerning a motor vehicle's history or features. In addition to insurance policies and car sales, consumer fraud may also involve:

•Investment opportunities
•Credit and loans
•Billing fraud
•Real estate fraud
•Defective products
•Class action claims
•Debt collector and creditor misconduct
•Identity theft

Within commercial transactions, there are many types of practices that could qualify as fraud, such as the artificial inflating of prices, the use of fine print to mislead consumers, and the failure to disclose important information about a product. Tactics such as these are illegal but commonly used by advertisers and sellers of products in a wide range of industries.

False and misleading advertising can cause individuals significant financial harm, as well as physical injuries in cases where potential hazards were not warned against by manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers. Our Mississippi injury law firm is prepared to help people who have been defrauded by unscrupulous salespeople and companies.

These cases can become very complex for both large and small business owners and individual consumers. Our attorneys have successfully represented both businesses and consumers in highly complex litigation over commercial and consumer fraud claims.

Contact an Experienced Consumer Protection Lawyer in Jackson,Winona, or Grenada, MS

If you were deceived in the purchase of goods or services from another and suffered damages as a result, please contact Liston/Lancaster PLLC. Any of our Mississippi consumer protection attorneys will be happy to discuss your case with you during a free initial consultation.

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